Database Templates

Whether you launch a Teradata Database instance on AWS separately using the CloudFormation option or as part of a Teradata Ecosystem, the instance is based on a template. Templates contain the information and configuration options to create a Teradata Database system on AWS without requiring additional configuration after launch.

Templates determine the storage type (local or EBS) and database size per node for EBS storage. You can select how much storage per instance in the template.

The following table notes the CloudFormation template available in the AWS Marketplace to launch a Teradata Database instance with an existing VPC and without other Teradata products. The template contains similar database configuration options to those in the Teradata ecosystem CloudFormation templates available through To see a database deployment illustration of the AWS Marketplace template, see Database Deployment Illustration.
AWS CloudFormation Template Name Supported Instance Type
Teradata Database - existing VPC
  • m4.4xlarge
  • m4.10xlarge
  • m4.16xlarge
  • i2.xlarge
  • i2.2xlarge
  • i2.8xlarge
  • d2.xlarge
  • d2.8xlarge

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