Software Products with Multiple AMIs

To address different ways in which software may be used, some Teradata Database on AWS products offer multiple AMIs. For more information, see Teradata Database License Tiers.
AMI Use Case
Teradata Database Developer Non-production workloads.
Teradata Database Base Simple production workloads.
Teradata Database Advanced Mixed production workloads.
Teradata Database Enterprise Mission-critical enterprise workloads.
Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System) Able to manage one Teradata instance.
Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System) with Teradata Data Lab Able to manage one Teradata instance requiring provisioning and management of analytic workspaces in the Teradata data warehouse.
Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Teradata Systems) Able to manage up to 10 Teradata instances.

For information about local and EBS storage, see the topics under Storage Considerations.

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