For descriptions of Teradata software, see Supported Software for Teradata Database on AWS. Search the web to learn what the definitions mean.

Acronym Definition
ACL Access Control List
AMI Amazon Machine Image
AWS Amazon Web Services
BAR Backup, Archive, and Restore
BLC Block Level Compression
BTEQ Basic Teradata Query
CDH Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CLI Command Line Interface
CMIC Computer Management Interface Controller
DNS Domain Name System
DSC Teradata Data Stream Controller
DSU Teradata Data Stream Utility
EBS Elastic Block Store
EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
ECA Enhanced Concurrency Architecture
EMR Amazon Elastic MapReduce
FSG File SeGment (cache)
GiB Gibibyte
GUI Graphical User Interface
HDD High Density Drive
HDP Hortonworks Data Platform (Hadoop)
HSN Hot Standby Node
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IAM Amazon Identity and Access Management
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
JMS Java Messaging Service
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
MPP Massively Parallel Processing (Teradata Database multi-node system)
NAS Network Attached Storage
NTP Network Time Protocol
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
PTL Parallel Transfer Library
PUT Teradata Parallel Upgrade Tool
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RMI Remote Method Invocation
S3 Amazon Simple Storage Service
SLES SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SQL-H SQL for Hadoop
SP Service Pack
SSD Solid State Drive
SSH Secure SHell
TASM Teradata Active System Management
TaYS Teradata at Your Service
TDPID Teradata Director Program Identifier
TIM Teradata Intelligent Memory
TIWM Teradata Integrated Workload Management
TPT Teradata Parallel Transporter
TTU Teradata Tools and Utilities
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VM&F Version Migration & Fallback
VPC Virtual Private Cloud

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