Using S3 Storage as the Backup Target

You can back up a Teradata Database instance residing in the AWS cloud or an on-premises Teradata Appliance Platform using S3 to store the backup. The backup may be restored from S3 to the same or different Teradata Database instance residing in the AWS cloud or Teradata Appliance Platform.

Before using S3 as the backup target for DSC, consider the following limitations:
  • The backup save set may only be restored from a single S3 bucket. A save set cannot be migrated from S3 to EBS.
  • Only one DSC repository may be used. Backup jobs may not be exported from one DSC and imported into another DSC.
  • Backing up with a specific number of clients and restoring with a different number of clients is not supported.
  • If images are removed from S3, there is no sync mechanism to remove the same from the DSC repository.
  • DSA job migration to a different DSA domain (S3 to S3) is not supported.
  • The query backup ID associated with a save set is required when a save set image is transferred.
  • The minimum size for the repository backup is unknown.

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