Deploying an Instance Using 1-Click Launch

If you are deploying Teradata components separately on AWS, some products can be deployed using 1-Click Launch.
  1. If you have not subscribed to the software, do so now.
  2. From the AWS Marketplace, select Your Marketplace Software from your account menu in the upper-right corner.
    A list of AMIs appears.
  3. Beside the preferred AMI, click Launch more software.
    A product summary page appears.
  4. On the Launch on EC2 page, click the 1-Click Launch tab.
  5. Before deploying, review and modify the following settings:
    1. Expand Version, and select an AMI version.
    2. Expand Region, and select a region.
    3. Expand EC2 Instance Type, select an instance type, and review the displayed pricing and cost information.
    4. Expand VPC Settings, and select a VPC other than the default because the default VPC is open to the public.
    5. For the subnet, check the Auto-assign IPs checkbox.
    6. Expand Security Group, and configure a new or select an existing security group to set your firewall settings.
    7. Expand Key Pair, and configure a new or select an existing key pair.
  6. Click Launch with 1-Click.
    The time required for an instance to deploy varies because instance types come in various sizes with varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity.
    A Software Installation Details message displays the configuration details for the instance being deployed.
  7. From the Software Subscriptions page, click Manage in AWS Console.
  8. From the AWS console, assign a name to help you identify the instance:

    1. In the Name column of the instance, click .
    2. Enter the instance name, then click .

When the Instance State changes to running, complete the applicable procedure under Configuring Teradata Software for AWS.

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