Backup and Restore Using Data Stream Controller

DSC allows you to back up and restore a Teradata Database in the AWS public cloud at the database or object level. When you deploy a DSC instance, it includes a metadata catalog, known as the Data Stream Controller (DSC). Using the DSC instance, you can store backups using S3 storage or EBS storage. S3 storage provides greater flexibility for capacity at the lowest cost per GB. EBS storage provides the highest performance at fixed capacity points.

This table summarizes resources for configuring DSC, using DSC, and best practices.
Configuring the instance after deployingTeradata Data Stream Controller Configuration
Configuring the node itselfConfiguring and Initializing ClientHandler on Teradata Database Nodes
Configuring and using DSCTeradata Data Stream Architecture User Guide
Teradata backup and restore best practicesTeradata Backup Archive Restore Data Stream Architecture Best Practices Orange Book available from

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