Expanding EBS Storage

Read the requirements and limitations before proceeding.
This procedure should be used only after deploying a Teradata Database instance.

If the storage expansion fails while you are running the utility, the system may have volumes that are greater in size than others. Re-run the utility with the same parameters. The process will continue where it left off.

  1. Stop the database.
    # tpareset -y -x Shut down database to expand storage
    Putting the database in this state takes a few minutes.
  2. Wait for the database to shut down.
    # psh pdestate -w
  3. Run the utility.
    # tdc-expand-storage --size value -y
    • value is the amount, in TB, you want to increase on the whole system. For example, if the current system has 5 TB, entering 5 increases the system to 10 TB.
    • -y is an optional command that bypasses the confirmation prompt. Use this command only if you know the configuration of the system.
    After the utility runs, Volume Change Successful! displays in the output.
  4. [Optional] From inside the instance, view /var/log/tdc-expand-storage.log for the status or troubleshooting issues.

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