Teradata QueryGrid Manager

  • Requirements:
    • Viewpoint with support for multiple systems. You can install Viewpoint on AWS or use an on-premises installation.
  • Components:
    • Teradata QueryGrid Manager: Launch using the Teradata QueryGrid 2.0 AMI or as part of a Teradata ecosystem deployment. See Launching Teradata Components Separately and Teradata QueryGrid Configuration.
    • Teradata QueryGrid portlet: Viewpoint includes the portlet, which you must configure before using the software.
    • Teradata QueryGrid connectors: Contact Teradata to purchase the connectors.
For Teradata QueryGrid queries to continue working if an AWS Teradata Database node fails, you must create a Teradata Database node restore image after initially deploying QueryGrid on the Teradata Database system. See Creating a Restore Image.

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