Launching an Instance Using 1-Click Launch

If you are deploying Teradata components separately on AWS, you can use the 1-Click Launch option.

Before launching instances of other Teradata products, be sure to launch a Teradata Database instance using CloudFormation. You cannot use the 1-Click Launch option to deploy a Teradata Database or a Teradata Server Management instance.

  1. From the AWS Marketplace, locate the AMI from which you want to launch the instance:
    • New users: In the Search box, type Teradata.
    • Returning users: Click Your Software, in the upper-right corner.
    A list of AMIs appears.
  2. Select the preferred AMI:
    • New users: In the list of AMIs, click the link for the preferred option.
    • Returning users: Beside the preferred AMI, click Launch more software.
    A product summary page appears.
  3. Select the type of launch.
    • New users: Review the product configuration options and pricing details, and click Continue. On the Launch on EC2 page, click the 1-Click Launch tab.
    • Returning users: On the Launch on EC2 page, click the 1-Click Launch tab.
  4. [Optional] Before launching, review and modify the following settings:

    1. Expand Version, and select an AMI version.
    2. Expand Region, and select a region.
      For information on the implications of the region setting with Teradata software, see Region and Time Zone Considerations.
    3. Expand EC2 Instance Type, select an instance type, and review the displayed pricing and cost information.
    4. Expand VPC Settings, and select a VPC other than the default because the default VPC is open to the public.
    5. Expand Security Group, and configure a new or select an existing security group to set your firewall settings.
      For more information, see Security Groups and Ports.
    6. Expand Key Pair, and configure a new or select an existing key pair.
      For more information, see Key Pairs.
  5. Launch the AMI.
    • New users: Click Accept Terms & Launch with 1-Click.
    • Returning users: Click Launch with 1-Click.
    The time required for an instance to launch varies because instance types come in various sizes with varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity.
    A Software Installation Details message displays the configuration details for the instance being launched.
  6. From the Software Subscriptions page, click Manage in AWS Console.
  7. From the AWS console, assign a name to help you identify the instance:

    1. In the Name column of the instance, click .
    2. Enter the instance name.
    3. Click to save the name.

When the Instance State changes to running, complete the applicable procedure under Configuring Teradata Software for AWS.

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