Configuring the Ecosystem Manager Portlet on the Viewpoint Server

You can use the Ecosystem Manager portlet to connect to a Teradata Database system on AWS or an on-premises Teradata Database system.

  1. From the AWS Web Console, note the Private IP and either the Public IP or Public DNS of the Ecosystem Manager instance and the Viewpoint instance.
  2. From your SSH client console, log on to the Viewpoint instance as ec2-user using the applicable AWS key pair.
    # ssh -i  private-key-file  ec2-user@public-DNS  or  public-IP
    • The private-key-file is the private key file (.pem) of the AWS key pair specified when launching the instance.
    • The public-DNS or public-IP is the DNS host name or public IP of the Viewpoint instance.
  3. Switch to the root user environment.
    # sudo su -
  4. Change the directory and configure the Ecosystem Manager portlet.
    # cd /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portlets/em-portlets/
    ./  active-em-server   standby-em-server   em-password
    • active-em-server is the DNS host name of the active Ecosystem Manager server.
    • standby-em-server is the DNS host name of the standby Ecosystem Manager server. If you have not set up a standby Ecosystem Manager server, use the DNS host name of the active Ecosystem Manager server.
    • em-password in the Ecosystem Manager user password (the default password is em).
  5. From your browser, display the Viewpoint portal log on screen.
    where: public-DNS is the DNS host name of the Viewpoint instance.
  6. Log on to the Viewpoint portal using administrator credentials.
    See the Teradata Ecosystem Manager User Guide.

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