Methods for Deploying Software Solutions Separately

If you are deploying Teradata Database with other Teradata software solutions on AWS, we recommend deploying a Teradata ecosystem using AWS CloudFormation. Alternatively, you can deploy some products separately using AWS CloudFormation, Manual Launch, or 1-Click Launch methods described here. Deploy Teradata Database before deploying other Teradata products separately.

Supported deployment methods vary by product.

Deployment MethodUse Case
AWS CloudFormationProvides the ability to deploy the following software by itself based on templates.
  • A Teradata Database system using a choice of templates. Requires little or no additional configuration, depending on which features are used.
  • Teradata AppCenter using a single template. Requires no additional configuration.
  • A Teradata Data Mover agent or cluster using a single template. Requires minimal configuration.
  • A Teradata Server Management instance using a single template. Requires minimal configuration.
ManualGives you full control of all settings before deploying Teradata product instances based on AMIs, but is more time-consuming than AWS CloudFormation deployment due to post-deployment configuration requirements.
  • Involves additional configuration steps after instance deployment.
  • Allows you to deploy multiple AWS instances of a single Teradata product from one AMI based on the same configuration settings of your choosing.
  • Provides for modification of all settings, including storage type and capacity.
  • Automatically sets EBS root device volume for deletion on instance termination, but requires you to manually set attached EBS storage volumes for deletion.
  • Provides for deploying instances in placement groups and availability zones other than the default. Certain Teradata Database on AWS software benefits particularly from inclusion in placement groups.
  • Requires some knowledge in setting up an instance.
1-ClickEasiest and fastest way to deploy a single instance of Teradata products. Requires minimum configuration.
  • Allows you to deploy a single AWS instance from one AMI with predefined settings recommended by Teradata.
  • Can use only the predefined Teradata instance types.
  • Presents difficulty modifying some settings after the instance is deployed.
  • Cannot modify the predefined storage size and type.
  • Automatically sets EBS storage volumes for deletion on instance termination.
  • Does not provide for deploying of instances in Placement Groups and Availability Zones other than the default.


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