Teradata Server Management Configuration

To ensure Teradata processes are prepared for the Server Management connection after launching a Server Management instance, you must open a TaYS incident with a synopsis of Validation Request for Teradata Server Management on AWS Teradata Configuration. After Teradata Customer Support obtains permission to access your AWS configuration and confirms the connectivity is functioning, they will close the incident. This process may take up to five days to complete.

If you launched one or more instances of Server Management using CloudFormation, the CMICs are automatically configured to communicate with each other. However, the newly launched CMICs must be configured manually to manage the existing database and application nodes in the Teradata ecosystem.

You must also configure the CMICs for ServiceConnect and alerts regardless of instance launch method. You can set alerts for node failures, issues with Teradata software, and many other alert types.

When configuring the CMICs for Teradata Database nodes in a MPP instance, you must use the secondary private IP address of each database node. For a single-node system, use the primary private IP address.

Configure CMICs, either interactively or in batch mode, using the configuration file.

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