Stopping or Terminating a Teradata Database on AWS

The node failure recovery process automatically starts up a replacement instance when a node goes down for Teradata Database single-node systems. Node failures are handled differently on local storage instance types. For more information, see Node Failure Recovery.

Even if a node does not go down due to a failure, an instance still starts up after you stop or terminate an instance. To terminate an instance or stop and later restart a Teradata Database instance, such as when you are not using it over a weekend, you must first stop the database to avoid incurring charges.

  1. Stop the database.
    # tpareset -x stop system
    Putting the database in this state may take a number of minutes.
  2. Wait for the database to shut down.
    # psh pdestate -w
  3. From the AWS EC2 Console, terminate or stop the instances associated with the Teradata Database on AWS.

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