Upgrading Server Management

Complete these steps to upgrade Server Management for a virtual or public cloud Teradata environment.

The Server Management image incorporates both operating system and application updates. So there is no need to upgrade the operating system separately before upgrading Server Management.

The upgrade process results in a reboot of Server Management.

When performing a major upgrade, you must instead redeploy the system.

  1. Download the required upgrade bundles.
    The upgrade bundle is a CMIC image (cmicimage.cif)
  2. Log in as user root to the virtual or public cloud system where Teradata Viewpoint is installed.
  3. Unzip the Server Management bundle to /var/opt/teradata/packages.
  4. Run the MPPInfo command, and from the displayed results, copy the primary cmic IP address.
  5. Pass the update utility the CMIC primary IP address, the upgrade image details, and the .pem file needed to SSH into the CMIC:
    cmicimageupdate --cmic IPaddress --image cmicimage.version.cif --identity *.pem
  6. Enter yes to proceed with the Server Management upgrade.
    The upgrade process runs, and Server Management reboots.

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