Increasing Amazon EC2 Limits for Unfolding

You may need to increase Amazon EC2 service limits if you are unfolding. The limits cannot be automatically detected before you unfold. To increase limits, use the AWS EC2 Console to create a case to avoid errors when you unfold.

From the EC2 VPC Console, you can go to VPC > Subnet to check the Teradata Database subnet to ensure there is a sufficient amount of free IPs available to support more nodes.

Each resource referenced below has a default limit. See Amazon User Guide for Linux Instances.
AWS Service Limit TypeResourceAdditional Information
AWS EC2 Limits
  • On-Demand Instances
  • Reserved Instances
Increasing whichever of these resources that applies to your system ensures the subnet has a sufficient amount of free IPs available.
AWS EBS LimitsNumber of EBS volumes
AWS VPC Limits
  • Network interfaces per region
  • Elastic IP addresses per region

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