Supported Software for Teradata Database on AWS

You can access the following list of Teradata software from the AWS Marketplace, except where noted. Deploy the software as a Teradata ecosystem or separately.

Software NameDescription
Teradata DatabaseProvides the same full-feature data warehouse software that powers analytics at many of the world's greatest companies, and is available with local and attached storage.
Teradata AppCenterProvides a way to deploy, execute, and share analytical apps across an organization that accesses data in a broad range of Teradata and third-party data management solutions.
Teradata Data MoverLeverages all of the established data loading protocols and technologies to meet your data movement needs. You can use the utility for regular periodic tasks including populating a dependent data mart from an enterprise data warehouse as well as special one-time tasks such as moving data to a test system.
Teradata Data Stream ControllerProvides administrative functions and metadata storage and is a key component of the backup and restore of Teradata systems in the public cloud. The Data Stream Controller (DSC) is an administrative server required to enable object-level backup and restore of the Teradata Database. It contains a repository for all backup and restore job definitions and as well as related configuration details for Teradata systems and backup targets.
Teradata Ecosystem ManagerProvides an end-to-end approach to meeting application service level agreements through monitoring, administration, and control of both single and multi-system environments to let you more effectively manage every part of your data warehouse environment.
Teradata Parallel Upgrade ToolProvides a way to upgrade Teradata Database and other Teradata software.

This software is bundled with Teradata Database.

Teradata QueryGrid 2.nProvides a data analytics fabric that allows users to initiate a single SQL query that joins data from one or more data sources. The data sources can be of the same type, such as Teradata Database and Teradata Database, or of different types, such as Teradata Database and Hive.
Teradata REST ServicesProvides an interface to Teradata Database allowing application developers a simplified, modern interface to connect to data from a web page or application.
Teradata Server ManagementMonitors the instance and generates alerts related to database and operating system errors and operational state changes. Events that affect the operation of the system generate alerts.
Teradata StudioProvides a desktop tool for performing database administration, query development, and management tasks on Teradata Databases, Teradata Aster Databases, and Hadoop systems.

This software is obtained from Teradata Community and is installed and configured separately from other software components.

Teradata Tools and UtilitiesProvides utilities and libraries for integrating your Teradata system into your enterprise and streamlining the daily data warehouse management tasks, such as moving massive volumes of data and accessing multiple data sources in parallel, and improving your overall Teradata system performance.

This software is bundled with but installed and configured separately from Teradata Database.

Teradata ViewpointProvides a web-based management portal for Teradata performance and health management which is easy to use. It provides a consistent interface using configurable portlets which allows you to customize your own systems management dashboard. Teradata Data Lab, which is included in certain versions of Teradata Viewpoint, allows you to provision and manage analytic workspaces in the Teradata data warehouse.

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