Subscribing to Teradata Software

You must subscribe to Teradata software before you can deploy the software on AWS, even if you will be using a license purchased directly from Teradata (BYOL).
  1. From the AWS Marketplace, type Teradata in the Search box to locate the software you want to launch.
    A list of software appears.
  2. Select either an hourly subscription product (Teradata IntelliSphere bundle or individual software solutions) or a BYOL product.
    If you want to deploy Teradata software using CloudFormation, do not select a region or delivery methods at this point.
    Subscription Type Choices
    Teradata IntelliSphere (Hourly) Select the IntelliSphere bundle for the desired license tier:
    • Teradata Database Enterprise with IntelliSphere
    • Teradata Database Advanced with IntelliSphere
    • Teradata Database Base with IntelliSphere
    Individual Software Solutions (Hourly) Select individual software solutions, such as:
    • Teradata Database Enterprise
    • Teradata Database Advanced
    • Teradata Database Base
    • Teradata Database Developer
    • Teradata Data Mover
    • Teradata QueryGrid Manager
    • Teradata Server Management
    BYOL (Teradata Database or Teradata IntelliSphere)
    • Teradata Database Enterprise BYOL
    • Teradata Database Advanced BYOL
    • Teradata Database Base BYOL
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Click Accept Software Terms.
    After you accept the software terms, you are subscribed to this software.

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