Installing and Configuring Teradata QueryGrid

  1. Obtain Teradata QueryGrid using one of the following methods:
  2. Install and configure the Teradata QueryGrid package according to the instructions in the QueryGrid installation guide that is appropriate to the connector you are using.
    Teradata QueryGrid does not encrypt data, so if both systems are in the AWS cloud, connect with an AWS VPC. However, if one system is outside AWS, use a VPN connection.

    For more information on VPC, see Virtual Private Cloud.

  3. Follow additional configuration details if setting up Teradata QueryGrid to Hadoop using one of these connectors.
    • For Hadoop ECA connection to HDP, update the configuration file with using the values trh\.eca\..|oozie\.base\..|yarn\..*
    • For connection to CDH, use FQDN in yarn.resource

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