Adding a Site ID After Deploying Teradata Database

[Base, Advanced, Enterprise tiers only] If you did not add a site ID when you deployed the software, you can add it after deployment.
  1. From your SSH client console, log on to the first CMIC instance as cmic or ec2-user using the applicable AWS key pair.
    # ssh -i private-key-file.pem cmic@public-IP
    # ssh -i private-key-file.pem ec2-user@public-IP
  2. Run the configuration utility.
    # sudo /opt/teradata/cmic/bin/cmic-cloud-config
  3. Press Enter if prompted to modify fields other than SiteID.
  4. When prompted, enter the site ID.
    SiteID > AMZTDBnnnnnnnnn
  5. When prompted, enter yes to complete the CMIC configuration.
    Proceed with CMIC configuration? (yes/no) > yes
    After completing this procedure, you can configure ServiceConnect.

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