Teradata Database License Tiers

Teradata Database on AWS offers license tiers in the AWS Marketplace that include the rights to use the listed software.

The Base, Advanced, and Enterprise tiers come with Teradata Premier Cloud Support with your paid AWS subscription. You can apply software updates to the Teradata software on these tiers and access Teradata Support for assistance. See http://www.teradata.com/aws/support/.

The free Developer tier offers community-driven support, available at https://community.teradata.com/aws. You cannot upgrade the Teradata software, apply software updates, access Teradata Support, or use Teradata ServiceConnect with this tier.

Customer Support
Support TypeCommunityPremierPremierPremier
System concurrency limit215UnlimitedUnlimited
Node limit2646464
Fold and Unfold
Database Features
Enhanced IPE
Intelligent Memory
Row-Level Security
Secure Zones
Workload Management TIWMTASM
Applications Available at No Additional Cost
Teradata Data Stream Controller
Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Teradata QueryGrid Manager
Teradata REST Services
Teradata Server Management
Teradata Studio
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System)
Applications Available for an Additional Cost
Teradata AppCenter
Teradata Data Lab
Teradata Data Mover
Teradata QueryGrid connectors
Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Teradata Systems)

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