Teradata at Your Service

TaYS (https://tays.teradata.com) is a secure portal that provides Teradata customers access to Teradata products, services, education, and support and is used to:
  • Request support from Teradata regarding an incident
  • Access educational materials
  • Download software releases

Customers who already use TaYS for products previously purchased from Teradata cannot use their previous TaYS account for Teradata Database on AWS. You must obtain a new TaYS account for Teradata Database on AWS. Your TaYS account can be used for all database licensing tiers except for Developer.

To register and log on to TaYS, see http://www.teradata.com/aws/support/.

For information on using TaYS, see the TaYS Admin User Manual at the bottom of the TaYS home page.

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