Placement Groups

A placement group is a logical grouping of instances within a single availability zone. Placement groups enable applications to participate in a 10 Gbps network. Placement groups are recommended for instances that need low network latency, high network throughput, or both.

Create placement groups before launching a Teradata Database instance, especially a Teradata Database MPP instance. If you do not use placement groups, database performance will be impacted. For example, you may experience high CPU skew on a node. Also use placement groups for Teradata Data Mover, Teradata Server Management, and Teradata DSC instances to ensure better performance. When you launch a Teradata ecosystem using CloudFormation, you are given the option to create a placement group so you do not have to create ahead of time.

After creating a placement group, you can launch multiple instances into the same group. For example, create a placement group containing the Teradata Database and the Teradata DSC instances. After launching an instance, a placement group should not be modified.

The following Teradata Database on AWS software benefits particularly from inclusion in placement groups:
  • Teradata Database
  • Teradata Data Mover
  • Teradata Data Stream Controller
  • Teradata Ecosystem Manager
  • Teradata REST Services
  • Teradata Server Management
  • Teradata Viewpoint

For more information on creating placement groups, deleting placement groups, and placement group limitations, see Amazon User Guide for Linux Instances.

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