Configuring Teradata Viewpoint

Depending on how you launched your instance, use the following table to determine whether you need to complete this procedure.
Ecosystem Manual 1-Click
No Yes Yes

After launching a Teradata Viewpoint instance, you must connect to the instance from your browser, and log on to the Teradata Viewpoint portal to add the Teradata Database instance as a monitored system using the Viewpoint Monitored Systems portlet before using the software.

You can use Teradata Viewpoint to connect to a Teradata Database system on AWS or an on-premises Teradata Database system.

Teradata Viewpoint on AWS offers a limited number of Teradata Database console utilities in the Remote Console portlet. These utilities are Abort Host, Check Table, Gateway Global, Lock Display, Query Configuration, Query Session, Show Locks, and Update Space.

The time zone for the Viewpoint instance defaults to the time zone of the AWS availability zone.

  1. If you are using Teradata Viewpoint to connect to a Teradata Database system on AWS, start a Teradata Database instance using the AWS Console.
    If you are using Teradata Viewpoint to connect to an on-premises Teradata Database system, the Teradata Database does not need to be running.
  2. From the AWS Web Console, note the Public IP, Private IPs, and Public DNS of the Teradata Database and Viewpoint instance.
    For information, see Connection Considerations.
  3. From your browser, display the Viewpoint portal log on screen.
    where: public-DNS is the DNS host name of the Viewpoint instance.
  4. Log on to the Viewpoint portal.
    The username is admin and the password is the Viewpoint instance ID.
  5. Do the following from the Monitored Systems portlet:
    • Add, configure, and enable the system.
    • Add the TDPID of the database instance.
      This could be a private DNS or a public DNS depending on your set up. See Connection Considerations.
    • Configure the login credential to be used by system tasks.
    • [Optional] Select a time zone for the system you are configuring.
      Changing this setting overrides the default time zone of the Viewpoint instance which is the time zone of the AWS availability zone.
    • Enable data collectors.
    • [Optional] Configure system health values.
    For more information, see the Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.

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