Launching Teradata Server Management

Teradata Database supports multiple instances of Teradata Server Management in the public cloud. Multiple instances (CMICs) provide high availability and management of larger database systems. High availability requires at least two CMICs, each of which can manage up to 70 nodes.

Launch options depend on whether you have already launched a Server Management instance with Teradata Database, such as by launching a Teradata ecosystem that includes Server Management.

CMIC Already Launched Launch Single CMIC Launch Multiple CMICs
  • CloudFormation
Yes cmic-cloud-config --ha (high availability) Not applicable

If you launch a single CMIC using CloudFormation, you can launch an additional CMIC for high availability by running cmic-cloud-config --ha on the existing CMIC. This option automatically configures the newly launched CMIC to communicate with the existing CMIC.

If you launch multiple CMICs using CloudFormation, the CMICs are automatically configured to communicate with each other. However, the newly launched CMICs must be configured manually to manage the existing database and application nodes in the Teradata ecosystem.

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