Upgrade Overview

A major or minor upgrade requires a system redeployment. For information on how to upgrade the Teradata Database running in a virtual or public cloud environment, log in to https://access.teradata.com and search for KCS001779.

Before an upgrade in a virtual or public cloud environment, the requirements related to the listed considerations are shown in the table.
Upgrade ConsiderationRequirement
Bundle Download MechanismYou obtain software upgrade bundles from Teradata Support at https://access.teradata.com.
Operating System UpdatesBecause the operating system software bundle includes both important security updates and the latest version of the utility used to upgrade Teradata components (PUT), you must download this bundle whenever upgrading other Teradata components with the exception of Server Management, for which the required updates are included in the image itself.
Outage PreparationWhen upgrading the operating system and Teradata components including Server Management, PUT does not set a maintenance window, but does automatically reboot the system. Be sure to plan accordingly.
Post-Upgrade Image CreationYou must create a new system image after a software upgrade. If you do not create this image, the software on the recovered instance will not match, and the database cannot start if a node failure occurs.
Stacks launched prior to Teradata Database on AWS 4.0If you are upgrading from an older Teradata Database version to Teradata Database on AWS 4.0 or later, additional permissions for rollback support and Teradata Database Fold and Unfold are required. Log in to https://access.teradata.com and search for KCS011002.

No action is required for stacks launched with Teradata Database on AWS 4.0 and later as they have the proper permissions for rollback and Fold and Unfold.

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